Rustic Hills Ranch

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Location & Growth

Rustic Hills Ranch is ideally situated among three of the fastest-growing counties in Texas and is centered between two large metropolitan areas with major airports.

Short Commute Times

Land Location

  • 30°03’16.8″N 98°20’12.7″W

Parcel Numbers


RHR Vision

Sewage Plants

Seriously Sustainable

Our patented state-of-the-art sewer treatment facility is a true marvel of innovation. It has pushed the boundaries of water purification to such an extent that the water it produces is not only safe but so pure that you can confidently drink it. This breakthrough underscores our commitment to sustainability, offering a sustainable source of potable water while also minimizing environmental impact.

Additional Features

  • 767 Total Acres
  • 57,213 Private Roads
  • Single-family lots 750
  • Single-family Density .9 
  • Senior Development 23 and density
  • Multi-family 40 acres and Density .2
  • Commercial 17
  • Blanco ISD

Site Plan

Optional Subdivision Buildout

Impact Analysis

This cover page showcases the detailed Traffic Impact Analysis for the Rustic Hills Ranch Subdivision along Cox Road in scenic Blanco County, Texas. Commissioned by TX2 Engineering and meticulously prepared by the experts at AC Group, LLC. Authenticating the report’s credibility is the seal of Rene Arredondo, a Texas-licensed professional engineer, whose signature endorses the document dated April 4, 2023. This analysis serves as a testament to thoughtful planning and engineering excellence.

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